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Technical Writer

What Subjects have I written documentation about?

I am fortunate to have a broad education, having studied Applied Physics, Electronics and Control Engineering at four universities to Masters level. I have had wide scientific interests over the years, and have worked in many different branches of industry. This means that I am competent as a Technical Writer in almost any subject area.

Another useful skill is that I have always been able to explain things clearly to people who don't know.

This background helps me to understand my clients' products or services. Then I can explain it clearly to a new user, so that they can understand it quickly and easily. That is the key issue.

Here are a few examples of past Subject Areas:

  • Electronics test equipment design and use procedures

  • Industrial handling equipment

  • Cardiac drug response simulation systems

  • In-vitro blood testing equipment

  • High-tech astronomical telescopes

  • Fast-food chain Shop Fitting instruction manuals

  • Health and safety instructions, edited for the European Southern Observatory ESO

  • All kinds of software systems: installation, configuration, user instructions, maintenance,  etc

  • X-Ray scanning equipment, security and industrial

  • Construction Industry project documentation system

  • Franchise Operating Manuals: lawn care; plumbing; electrical, etc

  • Oil fleet cargo management software (BP Shipping)

  • Software Training Manuals

  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition Systems

  • Metrology equipment, contact-free; e.g. using laser beams and white-light patterns

  • Telecomms systems

  • Financial services

  • Contact Centre Operating Procedures (Eagle Star Pensions; Scientific book publishers, etc)

Technical Writer based in Gloucestershire UK, with clients across Europe.

You can learn the best of my writing skills with my Self-Study Technical Writing Course. For details, follow the link on the Home Page.