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Technical Writer

About the Writer and International Trainer - Philip Tory, BSc(Hons), Dip.M.

The Technical Writing and Training Business

Philip Tory is a professional Technical Writer and International Trainer, and Director of Authorgraphic Ltd., now retired.

Since he set up a technical authoring business in 2000, he has built up a portfolio of more than 170 client companies, spanning eleven countries. With his Technical Writing Course, you can join several hundred people from many nations who have learned the practical every-day skills needed to be an effective writer.

He is an enthusiast for clear writing, and wants to inspire you, motivate you, encourage you to be a better writer, and to help you to learn and understand the techniques required. You CAN do it!

With over 20 years' business and industrial experience as a technical writer, he specialises in easy-to-read manuals and online help guides. This Technical Writing Course is based on many years of study, research and writing, and has obtained feedback from literally hundreds of end-users. This was particularly useful, because they gave me the customer's viewpoint. They provided a constant flow of ideas for improving documentation.

You can learn these skills too.
The objective is for your readers, your customers, to understand by reading something once, and get the job done without calling your Help Desk.

Background: Science - Engineering - Electronics - Design - Sales - Marketing - Training

Philip has always had broad scientific and technical interests, and is well experienced in many branches of industry. Career experience includes mechanical design, technical drawing office manager, electronics development and QA; Technical Authoring, Marketing, Sales Management, Software Product & QA Manager, and Training.

Over the years, working for various companies in different roles, he produced their Technical Manuals and Online Help Guides. He had an instinctive ability, with good reports from the end users.

In 2000, he set up his own Technical Authoring business, and in 2002 formed Authorgraphic Ltd. Since then, he has helped literally hundreds of people like you to improve their writing of company documentation.

As a writer, his speciality is good, clear manuals and help guides. You can learn these skills too.

Career experience

Technically, Philip is well qualified. He studied Applied Physics, Electronics and Control Engineering to Masters level at four Universities, and also has a Management Diploma from the Open University.

He began his career as an electronics development engineer, designing a variety of electronic and electromechanical equipment, including the design of automatic test equipment for final QA.

He worked on various projects such as the Concorde flight computers, medical electronics, car park control systems, floodlighting systems, diesel generator sets, computer development systems and fly-by-wire systems for fighter aircraft, to mention just a few. For two years, he managed a technical drawing office.

He then moved on to technical sales, and broadened his experience to include Marketing, Franchise Management, Installation, Technical Support and Training. All roles included documentation of the companies' products.

Before starting his own Technical Authoring business in 2000, he was a Software QA and Product Manager for three years, which included responsibility for all product documentation.

In these various situations, he wrote:
   - User Manuals
   - Installation Guides
   - Software Upgrade Notes
   - Technical Specifications
   - Software Help Guides (on-screen Help)
   - Test Procedures.

Over the past 16+ years, he has helped about 170 client companies to improve their documentation. These include industries as diverse as financial services and banking; shipping management; the oil industry; software development; telecoms; pharmaceutical and medical; higher education and forensic science; housing management and will writing, lawn care franchise management, buildings maintenance systems and so on.

You name it, Philip can help you write about it! See Technical Author Training Courses